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Sian Harris

West Darling Arts

Sian Harris is a Kurnu Paakantyi woman from Wilcannia in far west New South Wales.

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About Sian

Harris is a contemporary Aboriginal artist who works mainly with acrylic on canvas. Her body of work comes from the worldview of a Kurnu Paakantyi Nhuungku. The pieces are at once personal and political, in keeping with the artist’s stance that her presence, as a self-presenting Blak Woman, in systems and structures built to exclude her, is a radical act. The work focuses on Paakantyi Spirituality; Aboriginal resistance; decolonising queerness; and representations of womanhood and the female form.

Harris’ vision for her work for Regional Futures is immersed in imagery, symbolism, and pattern that is at once timeless as well as an anachronism. Influenced by artists like Copper Thunderbird and H.R. Giger amalgamated with traditional Paakantyi artistry. A vision of futurism seeped in the psyche of someone with a plaintive existence as a colonised person who ultimately wants to step away from the trauma.