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14 Mar 2023


Western Sydney Artists join Regional Artists to Interrogate the Future of their Region

The Regional Futures project is excited to be working with Western Sydney artists, Riana Head-Toussaint and Idil Abdullahi, commissioned by Casula Powerhouse to provide their unique perspectives on what the future looks like.

Regional Futures welcomes Idil Abdullahi and Riana Head-Toussaint to join the Regional Futures artists at the Exhibtion and Symposium (July 22)  at Casula Powerhouse from June 24 – September 24. The artists have been invited to deploy their artistic lens to explore the future of Western Sydney.

Ceramic artist, Idil Abdullahi focuses on the question of  ‘multiculturalism’ and envisions a future in which preserving and creating culture is celebrated and rewarded. Idil emulates traditional Somali cooking techniques by utilising porcelain slip instead of flour paste.

Interdisciplinary disabled/crip artist  Riana Head-Toussaint investigates accessibity and public spaces. Her work is a four channel video.  The work is a filmic rendition of the live performance of ‘Animate Loading’, where dancers with diverse movement langauges perform with the architecture of the site.