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10 May 2023


General News

First Nations Artists At CASULA

First Nations Regional Futures artists welcomed onto Country by Auntie Glenda Chalker at Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre on April 27.

On April 27 a posse of First Nations ‘Regional Futures’ artists, Jacob Charles (and his mum, Kerry Collins-Charles), Andrew Hull, Juanita McLauchlan, Jodie Munday and Tania Hartigan were welcomed onto Country by Auntie Glenda Chalker prior to the opening of ‘Artists in Volatile Landscapes’ on June 24. This was a great opportunity to meet the staff at Casula and get a sense of the galleries where there works will be exhibited & visit the current exhibtion, ‘Flight’.  After this introduction, the team headed over to Campbelltown Art Centre where they were given a tour of the ‘The National 4: Australian Art Now’ exhibition.


Jacob Charles, Kerrie Collins-Charles, Tania Hartigan, Andrew Hull & Jodie Munday