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Ronnie Grammatica

Arts Mid North Coast

As a migrant living in Regional NSW, Ronnie Grammatica is still exploring what it means to be Australian.

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About Ronnie

Grammatica uses his photographic practice to explore what it means to be Australian after relocating from Italy in 2014. He trained at Bauer, the oldest photography school in Italy, known for reflecting the art education of the Bauhaus. Since arriving in Australia, Ronnie has been using portraiture to document communities in regional Australia as part of his journey. He often displays his work as temporary public art installations within the communities he photographs, encouraging the community to reflect on themselves. More recently, he has been experimenting with new technologies to intervene in people’s experience of their own use of technology.

For Regional Futures, Grammatica is imagining a post-carbon future.  How do we think about a world that doesn’t yet exist?

Grammatica will hit the road, talking to community  along the Mid North Coast, producing a series of photo portraits paired with recorded conversations about the journey to a post carbon world.