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Kristin Rule

South West Arts

Kristin Rule is a bicycle riding, nature loving, cellist, composer & technologist based in the remote town of Mallacoota.

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About Kristin

Rule graduated from the Victorian College of the Arts majoring in Music Composition in the year 2000 and has since forged a unique pathway in the music industry via her passion for cello and live looping.

Rule has worked as a film composer in a number of Australian feature length documentaries and TV series including Memoirs of a Plague (dir Rob Nugent), We Don’t Need a Map (dir Warwick Thornton), The Scribe (dir Ruth Cullen), Backtrack Boys (dir Cathy Scott), The Beach (dir Warwick Thornton) and The Leadership (dir Ili Baré).

In early 2018, she sustained a serious left hand trauma that impacted heavily on her ability to play cello, which had been an intricate part of her film music making practice. In 2019, Rule was awarded the APRA / AGSC Women In Music mentorship with composer / music producer for Baz Luhrmann films, Elliot Wheeler. This supported her at a critical time in her career, helping her to adapt and grow during challenging life changing circumstances.

Collaborating with artist Wendy McDonald, Rule will explore the future of water in the landscape, creating a cross disciplinary work combining music and visual works.


The Beach

Warwick Thornton’s new documentary premiering May 29 on SBS & NITV from 7:30pm. Trailer music features original composition and performance by Kristin Rule. Series features original music by Mary Washington and Kristin Rule.