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Kris Schubert

Kris Schubert is a composer/songwriter, performing musician and producer, working on professional recordings of local artists and his own work at his studio ‘The Boatshed' in O’Connell NSW.

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About Kris

In 2021 he formed the band the Safety of Life at Sea to perform and record original material. Their third album of original music ‘Let the River Go’ was released in 2021, and has received airplay around Australia and internationally.

Kris has produced two local compilation albums featuring songwriters from the central west. 2019’s ‘Dreaming of a Green Christmas’ which raised funds for Lifeline Central West, and ‘While the World Waits’ in 2021, an initiative of Arts OutWest.

For Regional Futures, Schubert will collaborate with local songwriter and Wiradyuri elder Yanhadarrambal Jade Flyn to create a new composition featuring a combination of orchestral instruments, guitar, piano and voice that explores the theme ‘What is the future of our region’.