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Andrew Hull

Outback Arts

Andrew Hull is a writer and performer of poetry, prose and song. He’s also an artist, photographer and musician who works solo and in collaborations with other artists.

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About Andrew

From the “Back-O-Bourke” in Western NSW – Hully – as he’s more commonly known – is passionate and enthusiastic about the region he lives in and the people and stories that belong in that region.

His uniquely Australian work has been published in book form and his words and images also appear in many notable publications including the Sydney Morning Herald, The Australian, the Melbourne Age, the Daily Telegraph, Australian Geographic and RM Williams’ Outback Magazine. In 2002 Andrew’s work was recorded for the National Library of Australia’s folk archives.

He has also appeared at numerous major music festivals across Australia including the Woodford, Port Fairy and National Folk Festivals, and has worked with respected artists including Neil Murray, Chris Wilson, Mick Daley, Tonchi McIntosh, Leigh Ivin, and The Junes.

For Regional Futures, Hull will facilitate discussions with objects of personal and even cultural value, and encourage these objects to be broken down physically (or metaphorically) and re-constructed in the style of Kintsugi – the Japanese practise which repairs broken ceramics with gold, so the cracks which have broken the object are not concealed, but highlighted, and through that process incorporated into the object (or narrative) itself, and making the whole more beautiful.