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Alana Blackburn

Arts North West

Alana Blackburn is a professional recorder player based in Armidale, NSW. Alana performs experimental music, often with live electronics or soundscape, incorporating elements of improvisation. She has commissioned a number of Australian electroacoustic works for the recorder, particularly from female sound designers and composers.

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About Alana

Through her performance, Blackburn understands the important role the arts have in evoking conversation about past, present and future challenges. This is demonstrated in her most recent commission, a multimedia work by Ros Bandt which featured sounds and video capturing the environmental impacts of bushfire, drought, and flood on the New England region. Through this project, Alana developed skills in sound mapping and site-specific sound recording.

Collaborating with Photographer and Multimedia Artist Mike Terry, they will consult with environmental scientists to create a work that combines film, collage and soundscapes to address the question “How can our past inform our future?”